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Using Squeak

Running Athena in the server mode:

First of all, you need to run Athena in server mode. Just type in a terminal:
    java -cp athena-0.1.jar athena.engine.AthenaServer

You may also want to add -v or -V for a verbose mode.

Installing the Athena Suite from Monticello:

The SqueakSource repository of the Athena tools in Squeak is accessible through

The Athena code browser is based on OmniBrowser. OB has to be present therefore.

Within Squeak, a connection to Athena is established by invoking: AthenaConnect connect.

  • AthenaBrowser open to browse the Athena image
  • AthenaWorkspace open to open a workspace.

@@ more will come soon.
In the meantime, here a screenshot: